Saint Joseph en Plein Air
October 5, 2019
8am - 5pm​​

Community Support

You don't have to be part of the local art community to get involved in the arts. Local people, businesses, and organizations are always welcome. There are a number of ways you, your business, or organization can get involved in building this annual plein air painting event.

For future events, we are seeking the following:

  • Exhibiting Space---adequate space(s) to hang a number of finished paintings for the public to view and buy. Allowing a month long exhibit would be great.

  • Purchase Awards---these are usually $500 cash awards payed by an individual willing to buy a painting of their choice. If you seek a painting of a particular area (landscape, streetscape, park, house or building), we can accomodate a Quick Paint event for this.

  • Cash Awards---these are awarded to Best of Show or 1st Place, 2nd Place, and 3rd Place winners. The amount for each varies on the amount donated. A Juror selects the winners. These awards can also be customized---example: In memory of someone and/or donated by individual/organization. They can even be awarded for certain criteria---example: Best Watercolor, Award for Excellence, etc.

  • Merchandise Awards---these are special awards---instead of awarding cash, merchandise is awarded. Usually art related---gift card to a major art store, a new plein air easel, nice set of paints, etc.  Over $100 in value.

  • Sponsorship---sponsorship/donations are important. It helps with cash awards, ribbons, paying jurors, marketing, and other overheads and fees. 

  • Volunteers---volunteers can be used to help out. In case this event needs to be organized as a nonprofit, volunteers will be needed for administrative roles and assistance. 

  • Umbrella---if there is a local organization that would like to act as the umbrella for this event, it certainly can be looked into. Many annual plein air events are organized under art councils,  a local chamber of commerce, park and rec. departments, or other. Plein air events are great for marketing an area, as well as  fundraising.

If you love the arts, support the arts, maybe you're not an art lover but see the importance of enriching life in the community through the arts---we want to hear from you. Again, you don't have to be active in the arts to help out. Anybody can do this. What part can you do?
Art is part of culture.
Culture attracts audiences.
Audiences spur business developments.
Business developments create jobs and generate revenue.
The Arts help make communities thrive.

Interested in getting involved? Want to see this event grow?

Brent Seevers
Event Coordinator
Benefits of having plein air events:

  • Once established (2-3 years) they can become a significant source of funds
  • They can bring unique cross sections of a community together
  • They create goodwill within the community
  • They support and encourage tourism
  • They support local businesses including hotels, restaurants, and retailers
  • They can provide a source of education about local history, art, community
  • They can raise awareness about local events, history, persons of interest
  • They can be used to raise awareness about targeted issues
  • They can be used as fundraisers
  • They can provide State/National Recognition